SAYS Project Manager - Video

Every epic video team needs an awesome project manager!

We are looking for an organised, financial savvy, detail oriented, young individual, eager to be the hustler of a fast paced video production team.

We’re looking for a creative mind to:

  • Manage timeline for video productions and video team’s workload for sponsored and editorial videos
  • Doing whatever it takes to ensure video productions are launched on time in order to hit revenue target
  • Liaise with internal and external teams - production crews, sales, clients/agencies, video talents
  • Manage the financial details of video productions


  • Ability to follow through and push everyone to meet deadlines
  • Able to come up with the best solutions when contingencies arise
  • Someone who is meticulous - has an eye for details yet always looking at the big picture
  • Someone who is good with handling money
  • Good at building relationships with each team that are involved in video productions
  • A competitive person that likes to work fast and pays attention to the video production process 25/8
  • Willing to be a pain in the neck at times but still be nice to people when saying no
Sorry but currently there is no opening for this position.