Padawan Program

Video Research Intern

Curiosity kills no cat here.

We’re looking for a curious mind to come join us for at least three months as an intern. You will:

About the job

  • Dive deep into research on topics we are working on
  • Identify and explore topics Malaysians are curious about
  • Source and contact interviewees
  • Use credible sources to back up content
  • Assist in scriptwriting when needed

Requirements :

  • A hunger for knowledge on a variety of topics
  • Thorough research abilities and experience
  • Has great attention to detail
  • Interest in reading a lot of articles and watching a lot of content (on YouTube etc)
  • Ability to break down complex topics to an everyday Malaysian
  • Fluent in English (bonus points for other languages!)
  • Interpersonal skills – you’re not afraid to reach out to strangers
Sorry but currently there is no opening for this position.