Padawan Program

Admin & Special Projects Padawan

Young, bright and friendly? We want you for 3-6 months!

About the job

We are looking for young, bright and friendly individual to join us at least for 3 months as an intern. You will:

  • Know anyone and everyone who steps into the office
  • Manage calls from agencies and brand reps for the content teams
  • Take charge of administrative documentation and data collection
  • Deliver happiness to your fellow colleagues (We mean that literally)
  • Work on special projects that we have lined up
  • Occasionally star in our videos and do whatever it takes to make people laugh


  • Friendly and approachable
  • Organized and detail oriented
  • Project and event management would be an advantage
  • Able to think on your feet
  • Basic knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel & Powerpoint
Sorry but currently there is no opening for this position.