SAYS Video Team Lead

Lead our in-house team of SAYS and Seismik video producers, editors, and videographers as we serve our audience with addictive, must-watch videos for Malaysia's social media generation.

About the job:

  • Cast the overall content strategy for SAYS videos and grow our audience on Facebook and YouTube through the production of addictive, high quality videos
  • Lead, grow, and guide producers, editors and videographers with their tasks on a daily basis
  • Set standards, procedures, timelines, and play on the strengths of individual team members to achieve the team's goals
  • Constantly track the consumption of SAYS and Seismik videos on Facebook and YouTube - you gotta know why people love or hate us, and adapt the team's content strategy to match ever-evolving trends of the day
  • Propose ideas on how SAYS videos can grow the business and work with other teams to make that happen

The person we're looking for:

  • You must be a people person with leadership skills and possess the experience of leading a video team
  • Your content IQ is high and you tell it best through videos - you know what works for SAYS and the Malaysian audience, and why
  • Speaking of which, you should be well-versed with Malaysian pop culture. Everything we do has a local twist!
  • You must possess advanced skills in Adobe Premiere Pro and have video/audio editing expertise with relevant work in the industry
  • You must care for high quality production and have a desire to improve the process and the people behind it
  • You must be a good communicator - you speak with clarity and know how to gain trust
  • You must be efficient, committed, and resourceful. You believe that content is king and the outcome is boss - you're willing to set aside personal preferences to meet the audience's needs.
  • Must stay focused, disciplined, and calm while working in a fast-paced environment. You won't crack under pressure!
Send your CV to [email protected] and you'll hear from us pretty soon.