SAYS SEISMIK Content Intern

Curate and create must-share stories in BM that Malaysians would want to read and share.

About the job:

We're looking for an aspiring writer to come join us for at least three months as an intern.
You will:

  • Write must-share stories in BM that the SAYS SEISMIK audience would want to read and share
  • Identify social media trends and create content based on those trends, with a local twist
  • Come up with really clickable headlines and brainstorm ideas with the SAYS Seismik Team
  • Ideate and execute on content growth hacks to increase SAYS readership
  • Occasionally star in our in-house videos!


  • You should be social media savvy and addicted to the Internet
  • Quick thinker, creative, great story teller, loves Malaysian pop culture
  • It would be great if you could edit videos with Adobe Premiere Pro or Photoshop like a bawse
Send your CV to [email protected] and you'll hear from us pretty soon.