Junior Web Developer

We are looking for passionate programmers to maintain and work on our existing products and infrastructure as we grow.


  • You will be tasked with working with our senior developers on our core products namely our content sites that receives millions of page-views monthly, the CMS that brings our content to life, as well as the social media advertising platform that generates millions in revenue.


We are looking for a junior developer who
  • Has basic foundation in Ruby on Rails. (i.e. Has attended a Ruby on Rails Bootcamp OR has 6-months to 1 year experience on the framework)
  • Has basic knowledge or experience in working with Wordpress sites. (PHP)
  • Has basic knowledge with HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript

This role may be a great fit if:

  • You are interested in levelling up in Ruby on Rails and exploring different aspects of programming
  • Ability to solve business and technical problems
  • Ability to learn fast and have passion for learning new things
Send your CV to [email protected] and you'll hear from us pretty soon.